Who We Are

We are a team of web technologists who have 20+ years in designing and implementing technology based solutions using a variety of different software languages, frameworks and tools. We have designed, implemented, tested and deployed many web solutions over the years each of which have accomplished the needs of the client.

What We Do

We service the technology needs of small to medium size businesses, nonprofits and churches. Whether its building you a website or helping you find just the right computer system and software or even running the cables to connect your systems together, Peacemaker Tech has you covered.

Our Services


We build, re-build, host, service & maintain all your website needs, including setting up and managing your domain(s), email accounts if needed.

Computer Systems

We help determine, order and setup the perfect computer systems for you, whether for your home, office or organization.

Software Solutions

We help determine, order and setup any software solutions you need, from local tools to CRMs to Accounting software to whole organization management software.


We help build out the network infrastructure your office needs to make sure all your systems and devices stay connected, from wireless to custom cabling solutions.

Our Approach

  • We will listen to what problems you are seeking to solve
  • We will ask questions to determine the details and variables surrounding the problems
  • We will design a custom solution for you
  • We will review that solution with you confirming it meets your expectations
  • We will implement that solution to its completion
  • We will test and validate that the solution meets your goals
  • We will maintain that solution, assuming you want our maintenance services


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